06 Mei 2021

CPD ASIA April 2021

 CPD ASIA April 2021

The 4th Program of the Online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Platform for Asian Radiological Technologist's Society.

Experience Sharing of Medical Imaging: Development and Clinical Pratices in Taiwan (Webinar)

Hosted by: Taiwan Association of Medical Radiation Technologist (TAMRT)

Date: 25th April 2021 (Sunday)


19:00-20:30 PM Indonesia Jakarta (WIB), Vietnam

18:30-20:00 PM Myanmar

20:00-21:30 PM Macao, Philippines (GMT+8)

Registration: http://bit.ly/4thASIACPDRegistration


Yu-Xuan Lin - MR Enterography in Crohn Disease: Preparation and Expectations

Chao-hsiang Chen

Validation of the Accuracy of Rapid Artificial Intelligence Software in Detecting of Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO) in Patients with acute Ischemic Stroke

Hsin-Yu Jen

A Review of Convolutional Neural Network on Prostate Cancer Detection Using MRI


-This online CPD Course will be conducted by using the Zoom Video Conferencing.

-For registration please follow link above and fill out the registration form. You will soon receive the link to access the video conferencing.

-All fees (include certification) for this event are waived. Welcome all Medical Professional to participate. For other participant please visit the Youtube or Facebook Channel.

-The CPD Course duration is from 1,5 to 2 hours. A Continuing medical education certificate will be issued after the course.

19 Maret 2021

Dalam sekali rontgen, berapa banyak radiasi yang kita terima?

 Tergantung objek dan pemeriksaannya. Saya coba tampilkan data berikut sebagai contoh :

Kolom 1 adalah jenis pemeriksaan, kolom 2 dosis radiasi efektif, 3. perbadingan dengan (berapa kali) foto dada, 4. perbandingan dosis radiasi alam

Coba lihat baris 1, pemeriksaan chest xray PA, itu adalah foto dada sederhana rutin, tertera nilai dosis efektif 0,02 mSv (mili-Sievert - satuan dosis efektif), setara dengan 1xfoto dada (tentu saja), dan 2,4 hari dosis radiasi alam.

Artinya 1xfoto rontgen dada setara dengan diam dirumah (terkena radiasi alam) selama 2,4 hari.

Semoga tulisan ringan ini membantu.

Apakah bahaya yg ditimbulkan bagi tubuh kita jika kita terlalu sering di rontgen?

CPD ASIA April 2021